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2.5 - 6 years  ( Kindergarten ) 

p r e   a c a d e m y   p r o g r a m   2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0

DAL's teaching philosophy is based upon the premise that children thrive in a loving, positive and nurturing environment. Our programs for young children are designed to incorporate learning, creativity, musicality and fun. Classes are taught by highly experienced teachers who all have a special love for teaching our youngest dancers. 

​​D A N C E   A C A D E M Y  

​O F   L I B E R T Y V I L L E

Pre ballet 

Children are introduced to the beginnings of ballet in a positive and creative environment. Classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, musicality and joy of dance.

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pre tap

This  American dance form, with emphasis on rhythm and sound, is a fun and exciting opportunity for students to build physical coordination and musicality. 

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​We offer a special combination package for our Wednesday and Thursday Pre Ballet 2 and Pre Tap 2 students. Parents can drop their dancers off dressed for class with a lunch, and then pick them up after they have Ballet class, Tap class, and lunch!  

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