​​D A N C E   A C A D E M Y  

​O F   L I B E R T Y V I L L E

2.5 - 6 years  ( Kindergarten ) 

p r e   a c a d e m y   p r o g r a m   2 0 1 7 - 2 0 1 8

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Age  Requirements

Dress  Code​

DAL's teaching philosophy is based upon the premise that children thrive in a loving, positive and nurturing environment. Our programs for young children are designed to incorporate learning, creativity, musicality and fun. Classes are taught by highly experienced teachers who all have a special love for teaching our youngest dancers. 

Pre ballet 

Children are introduced to the beginnings of ballet in a positive and creative environment. Classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, musicality and joy of dance.

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pre tap

This  American dance form, with emphasis on rhythm and sound, is a fun and exciting opportunity for students to build physical coordination and musicality. 

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creative Movement

In this fun and creative class, dancers will explore movement through guided improvisation,instruction,and use of props. Students are introduced to basic vocabulary and steps using various traditional modern techniques.